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Corrie - Three Graces

The Meaning behind the Name:

One of my favourite Tarot cards is the Three of Cups. Illustrated on this card are three women raising their cups in a gesture of celebration, community and friendship. This image has always moved me and brought to mind the famous Three Graces in Greek mythology. Upon further research I realized the Three Graces performed divination throughout their travels. The culmination of these images and stories deeply resonated with me and “Three Graces” was born.

I have a love for all things mystical, especially Tarot. I received my first Tarot deck in 2004 and it has been an amazing journey ever since. We all can use a little guidance in our lives and what better way then with a process that is thousands of years old. My intuitive insight is complemented by my ability to reach souls on the other side. A two year mentorship in the realm of psychic development has sharpened my ability to utilize all the Clair-Senses to receive the messages that need to be given.

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